Our dishes

Our dishes are all fresh and homemade with pure organic ingredients. We also happily accommodate special requests. Our bread and wraps are all made from organic spelled wholemeal flour

Hemp Burgers


Our house brand. Not only can you wear or smoke hemp, you can also eat it. And it’s actually very healthy and delicious! Our self-developed, hemp flour-based burger patty is fried juicy, with organic vegetables, a sauce of your choice – or two if you’re feeling adventurous – and surrounded by a spelled bun. Tastes like meat? Nope, it shouldn’t, it’s just a damn tasty burger. The burger is available in “normal” or, if you’re really hungry, in “large”.

Seitan-/Hemp Döner

Some refer to it as the best vegan döner in Germany, but judge for yourself. Juicy crispy „gyros“ seitan, one of our four homemade sauces, fresh organic vegetables, finished off with organic sprouts. All of this in a spelt flat-bread – crispy on the outside, warm on the inside. It has pleased every meat lover so far! Instead of seitan, you can also chose for hemp, then you’ll get small hemp patties in your döner. Additionally, the döner is also available in a „small“ size for when the hunger isn’t as big.



Our all-rounder. Crispy fried seitan gyros, a flavorful hemp patty, one of our four sauces, and a crisp organic salad with our house dressing.



Our homemade spelt whole grain wrap with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, red cabbage, red onions, and sprouts. Optionally with seitan, hemp patty, or hemp seeds and with one of our sauces.

Our Extras

You want that extra something? Then try elevating it with our homemade chili cabbage for some more kick, or our veta tofu for that cheesy touch!

Our Veta-Tofu

Unser Feta-Tofu

For at least one week, our organic tofu matures in our self-developed brine until it finds its way onto your plates in small cubes. Spicy, tasty, light, just as you know feta, only made from tofu.

Unser Chilli-Kohl

Unser Chilli-Kohl

If you like, it joins in the pan, adding its own hearty flavor. White cabbage is sautéed with onions and spices, finished with a sweet-sour-hearty, slightly spicy taste.

Vegateller mit Knoblauchsoße

Unsere hausgemachten Soßen

Garlic: the classic. Based on soy yogurt, seasoned according to our house recipe, and yes, with lots of fresh garlic.

Herbs: For those who prefer less garlic, we have the fresh soy yogurt sauce, refined with various herbs.

Curry: Fresh, distinctive curry flavor, with a slightly spicy note.

Oregano: Our classic for the burger. Hearty-sweet, the tomato sauce comes along and is even soy-free!