Johannes Guttandin - Geschäftsführer vom Veganatural aus Gießen

Hey! I am Johannes

Hello. I’m Johannes, and I’ve been running this place with heart since 2017. I’m a passionate cook and baker, and I enjoy bringing joy to others with good and honest food.

Our Team

Our team cooks fresh for you every day with a lot of love!

Cozy atmosphere for feeling good

An Idyll of Delight: Our Organic Vegan Bistro Veganatural

Nestled amidst the bustling cityscape, Veganatural stands as an enticing haven for enthusiasts of organic and vegan cuisine. This charming bistro, offering its guests a gastronomic journey through sustainable and delicious flavors, impresses not only with its culinary creations but also with an atmosphere promising pure relaxation and enjoyment.

Upon entering, one is embraced by the warm ambiance of the bistro. The decor is a harmonious blend of modern minimalism and natural elements. Wooden tables and chairs, coupled with plants and subtle green tones, create an inviting environment. Guests immediately feel at ease and sense the positive energy emanating from the sustainable materials and thoughtful design.

The walls adorned with artwork from local artists and inspiring quotes about sustainability and conscious living further emphasize the bistro’s philosophy of using local products and minimizing the ecological footprint.

The dishes on the menu are a feast for the senses, proving that organic vegan cuisine is anything but dull. From vibrant salads and hearty soups to artistically crafted main courses, each dish is prepared with love and shines with fresh, carefully selected ingredients.

The relaxed background music and the gentle hum of conversations complete the bistro’s atmosphere. It’s a place to unwind, meet friends, or take a solo break, indulging in the delightful flavors and soothing surroundings.

Veganatural is not just a haven for conscious eating; it’s a place that engages the senses and sharpens awareness of sustainable indulgence. It’s the perfect retreat for those who seek to pamper not only their palate but also their soul.