Our philosophy

Delicious can be good for the environment, and that’s what we strive to convey. We are a purely vegan establishment that, as regionally as possible, offers everything in organic quality. Taste is our top priority, but our journey doesn’t end there. Environmental protection and sustainability are very important to us.

Veganatural, for example, is powered by green, vegan electricity. This helps us save approximately 1.82 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Even in packaging materials, if you choose to take your food to go, we consciously avoid plastic or aluminum foil. Even the straws are made from plant-based, compostable paper.

Furthermore, we coordinate our purchases and daily kitchen operations to use vegetables before they spoil. In other words, our produce hardly ever ends up in the trash. This is not something to be taken for granted, and we take great pride in it.

Pflanze Tontopf Kreide

Our supplier

„Die Fleckenbühler“ is a non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH) that helps individuals struggling with addiction to reintegrate into everyday life without dependence. The community welcomes those in need of assistance at any time, in any life situation, and benefits from their own experiences with addiction. We are regularly supplied by Fleckenbühler with your burger buns and kebab flat bread made out of whole grain spelt flour, as well as our pastries.

It’s a collaboration of which we are very proud. For more information, you can visit their website: die-fleckenbühler.de

Kaffee Pura - freshly roasted coffee from Gießen

We source our coffee from the local coffee roaster in Gießen, Kaffee Pura. The company is known for distributing high-quality, single-origin Ethiopian coffee with a focus on social and ecological aspects.

„When purchasing our coffees, we pay special attention to very high standards regarding the social and ecological aspects of coffee farmers. Through our direct procurement and import, as well as the organic certification, we guarantee our customers not only the highest quality but also transparency and sustainability. Additionally, through direct contact with our coffee farmers, we can personally assess the working and living conditions on-site.“ [Source: https://www.kaffeepura.de]

Our hemp products are sourced from Chiron in Upper Swabia and Hanf-Natur.

Kaffee Pura

Our four principles

See for yourself about us and our food 🙂



Our beliefs, we offer only plant-based foods, but we place great emphasis on taste. Vegan is delicious, diverse, and anything but boring – that’s how we see it, with complete conviction.



All of our ingredients are 100% organic certified, from A-pples to Z-ucchinis 😉 For this, we undergo regular inspections, and of course, it costs a bit more in procurement. But it’s definitely worth it to us.



Beyond the plate, sustainability continues for us. For instance, we ‚run‘ on organic-vegan eco-power, use no plastic in our packaging materials, and promote regional sourcing wherever possible.



The everyday brings enough hustle and stress; when you step into our establishment, you should feel comfortable right away. Arrive, unwind, and enjoy.